Sunday, March 17, 2013

Winter in Bailey's Harbor & Chicago

This past week my mom, dad, and Grandma Carol flew into Chicago, and we met them and my brother and sister-in-law, Joel and Elda, and all drove up to Wisconsin's Door County (what I refer to as the pinky of Wisconsin) to visit my great aunt and uncle, Carolyn and Bob. Below is a photo I took looking out across Sturgeon Bay, which is near Green Bay. 
Carolyn and Bob have a beautiful home on the Lake Michigan side of the peninsula, and their view is stunning. 
Carolyn took us all to a place called The Clearing, a folk school, where she and Bob have spent a lot of time teaching, learning, and volunteering. The grounds are designed, she told us, to help students who come to clear their minds as they walk from building to building. 
Even though it's still winter, the subtle colors in the trees provided a warm contrast to the snow.
 I love the grey and white stripes of the weathered wood and the deep green windows on this building.
Joel and Elda as a dragonfly
These icicles were huge!
I love the pattern Rick's boots make in the snow. :)
 In Bailey's Harbor, Rick and I walked out on a pier to see the view of ice and water.
As with the trees, the muted colors of the ice and the wood on this dock stood out to me.
Before we left, Carolyn let us see her studio, where she makes stained glass projects, paintings, and sculptures. Basically, this is my dream space. :)
Dad, Carolyn, and Mom with some watercolor cards Carolyn made.
Here's my dad, taking his infamous photos. :) I was laughing at him because he kept reaching over my mom and Grandma Carol to get pictures. 
 So then he turned on me.
After leaving Wisconsin, we spent a day in Chicago before coming home. Joel and Elda took us to the Chicago Performing Arts Center for a mid-day piano concert. We visited this building when we came two years ago for New Year's, but I could look at the walls there forever. The mosaic tiles and stained glass are breath-taking.
The entryway is decorated with literary names and quotes, and this one stood out to me as especially moving. 
After the concert we walked to the Hancock Tower for a belated lunch celebration of Rick's and Grandma Carol's birthdays. Although it was mostly foggy, we stayed and were rewarded with occasional glimpses of the city and lake below. 
Even though her eyes are closed, I still love this picture of Grandma Carol. I feel like it makes her look even happier. :)
Joel, Grandma, Mom, and Dad
Finally, on our way back to the car, we enjoyed walking the Miracle Mile and stopped at our favorite dessert shop, Toni, before visiting the Bean. 
Thank you, Mom and Dad and Grandma, for making this trip such a memorable one! And thank you, Bob and Carolyn and Joel and Elda, for hosting all of us. We had a wonderful, much-needed break, and we miss you already.


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