Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A New Season, A New Name

I have been wanting to change the title of this blog for a while now. Partly because I've smiled to myself when someone mentions "Cleaver" Ohio (as in Beaver) or "Creative" Ohio, but mostly because I no longer feel like the title describes my direction. I feel that, more than coming up with clever ideas, I am learning more about and experimenting with new media, and it's the growth and challenge of this process that excites me.

At first I hesitated to use the word "cultivate" because it has such a strong association with gardening, which I find quite challenging (as evidenced by the now dead plants hanging from the macrame planters I was so excited about). But the more I studied the word, the more I found that it suited my purpose here. This blog has become a place for me to document my trials and errors in creativity, and ultimately what I long to do is to be a good steward of the creative energy that has been given to me. I love that Merriam Webster defines the verb "cultivate" as "to foster the growth of" and "to improve by labor, care, or study." This direction feels more purposeful and implies an active process of refinement, and this, I hope, is what my journey will bring.


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