Monday, April 22, 2013

Flowers, Farming, & Flax

Here are a few updates from this week. I am working on a big post coming up, but for now, here are some small things I've been enjoying. (Above, my ranunculus plants are blooming beautifully!)

Rick and I went with our friends to an open farm day at a place called Fox Hollow Farm. We were able to see where they keep the chickens, sheep, and cows. We were even able to watch the hens lay eggs, and in another part of the farm, I was able to hold a small chick. I am sad to admit that I didn't take any pictures! I was too intimidated to ask, like it would be sharing their farm secrets or something. I'll do it next time. :) But I was able to buy their eggs at our local farmers' market shop, which is the coolest thing. I love that I met the chickens whose eggs we get to eat! And they're beautiful eggs, too. I love the brown, but the light blue color is my new favorite.

Around the house, the plants are coming back to life. My mint plant is much happier hanging outside, and our neighbors' forsythia bushes brighten our view.

The planter beds I cleared are becoming not so clear anymore...

But the grass is almost glowing it's so bright green.

Pardon the terrible photo, but I saw two deer in our neighbor's yard the other day, in the middle of the day, which is unusual.

Rick and I took the dogs for a walk on some local trails, and although it was lightly snowing (?! yes, we were a bit miffed), the view was still worth the cold.

And lastly, I turned our oats container into a flax container. Nothing special at all here; I was just excited to not have to buy more plastic bins (Is it typical to just call it tupperware, or is that just my family?). I I covered it with contact paper and a label, so it looks a little better on the counter.


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