Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My First Commissioned Artwork

I am really excited to share this because I think it's been my favorite project to date. Our friend Danny asked me to come up with a creative way to display some scripture verses and quotes. I found some inspiration images here, here, and here, and got an okay before moving forward.

It took me a while to figure out the best way to go about this, but I ended up painting the canvas first, then free-handing a silhouette as a stencil on a brown paper bag. I traced this lightly on the canvas as a guide. Then I sectioned off parallel strips on the brown stencil to see roughly how I could align each of the verses and quotes and where I could add some pattern.

To be sure they would fit, I traced the stencil on scratch paper for trial and error, and then when I felt confident, I drew them on the stencil for the final test.

I then gathered some patterns and tested them out to see which ones would balance what was already in place, and I continued to alternate drawing out lettering and patterns until the silhouette was full. Here are some of my sketches.

Some details from the finished product:


This was so much fun for me, and I was blessed by reading the verses as I wrote, so thank you, Danny, for asking me to do this! It was just the challenge I needed right now, and it brought me the joy of work when I really needed it.

I'm now starting to work on some paintings for my parents, which I'm also pretty excited about. My schedule is wide open for assignments after that. :)


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