Sunday, June 16, 2013

Up and Running Again...

Good news - I found my phone adapter! More pictures from the past two months are soon to come. :)

Sorry for the silence around here in the meantime. I have been completing fewer projects at home since I started working, but I hope that once I get in the swing of a different routine, I will have more to share with you. For today, Rick and I are reading at a coffee shop to stay out of the storm that's apparently coming our way. This past week we had quarter sized hail and the first tornado siren since we moved here, and people have said we should expect more of the same this summer. I'm planning to create a clean,  semi-comfy corner in the basement to retreat to just in case. But for now, I'm glad to sit down to a delicious bowl of soup and do some reading. Thinking of the dads today - happy Father's Day! We'll be calling you later. :) And happy birthday, Allison! I'll be calling you, too.


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