Thursday, August 1, 2013

Serving Trays

I was perusing ebay this evening in search of a small tray for my tea cups and tea box at the office, and I figured I'd share some of my favorites. (For whatever reason I am not able to create links tonight, so please pardon my un-linked links below each picture...)

I don't want another black floral pattern because my desk and trash can at home both look kind of like this, but I still like it:

This hand-painted one I would totally hang on the wall:

This one is my favorite tin pattern:

I actually love the simplicity and color of this one if it were larger and cheaper. This green has become one of my favorite colors:

This is not at all what I'm picturing, but I've never seen a brass cake stand before, and think it's beautiful:

I think I want something with vertical edges, like this, but rectangular and a little more interesting.

 I will have to check trusty Farley & Moore next. :)


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