Sunday, September 15, 2013


Life around here has been full the past two months, and there is so much to share that I've felt a little overwhelmed each time I sit down to write. So for now I will share some highlights from the past week.

For my birthday, Rick and I had a day in Columbus with the pups, so we went to Peet's (which is finally here!), walked the dogs in a park with a beautiful rose garden, and then strolled around downtown (Short North area) and had brunch outside at Northstar. Just getting to be outside for so long was exactly what I wanted.

Here is Rick, basking in the glory of his first vanilla latte in Columbus.

And on Tuesday, some of my friends had a girls night with some delicious desserts. I walked away from the evening reminded of how thankful I am for their depth and care. 

This weekend was also full of highlights. We got to be outside and actually accomplished a lot on our to-do list. We went to the farmers' market on Saturday, and I bought this pumpkin that I'm kind of obsessed with; the color is so rich! And I've never seen a green one like it. 

Gracie liked it, too. 

 We also explored a waterfall and hiked at a park that is about 15 minutes from our house. 

Then today we returned to Peet's. I bought this travel mug with the gift card my parents sent me - thanks, Mom and Dad! :) And you can kind of see in this picture that the leaves are just barely starting to change.

We had some down time, too - napped and had a belated birthday dinner with Matt and (my birthday twin) Hannah, and their now 2-month old, Madeline.

I'm still reflecting on this year and being 29 (I actually almost told someone I was 30 the other day, forgetting what year it was). So far I have felt incredibly blessed, so thank you to everyone who made this year so special already.


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