Sunday, November 3, 2013

Never Stop Exploring

Today was a day of light.

finally got my pictures from my phone and onto my computer. I have no idea what I did, but it worked, and I am ecstatic. :) So I thought I'd share some pictures from today. 

Rick and I have decided to embrace The North Face's motto, "Never Stop Exploring," for all seasons this year. We're trying to get out as much as possible and find new and interesting places to keep us excited for the seasons. Today we went to see a 35-foot waterfall in Dublin, about an hour away. The park is really small and unassuming, about 2 acres total, next to some incredibly nice homes along the Scioto River. 
We took the new car for the first time with the dogs, and I think Gracie really enjoyed seeing out the windows a little more easily. She sat on my lap part of the time. :)
 I think her face says it all.
Since the waterfall park was not much of a walk, we took the girls to the rose gardens in Clintonville, not far away. The lighting on the leaves was unreal, and these pictures don't even come close to capturing their beauty. 

 The clouds in this shot make it look like the end of the world. :)

May the beauty that surrounds you invite you to pause this week as it did for us today.


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