Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Few Small Things

Sorry for the silence around here. Rick and I were gone for a little while in California, and I haven't had the mental space to plan out a post for some time. So here are some snapshots to put images to my thoughts lately.

Last winter I came up with two themes that I wanted to define my year: transparency and simplicity. I'm still working on both, and I'm trying to effect change both internally and externally. One major part of these efforts has been going to counseling, which has helped immensely as I try to see myself and my world more clearly. But another big component has been simplifying the things around me and noticing their effect on me. 

So to begin, this has looked like downsizing my belongings and focusing more on appreciating the simple things. We had a yard sale with MVNU friends this past weekend, so we're making progress! :) Here are some small things I'm enjoying, too.

Eating delicious papaya with coconut cream.
Making necklaces with beads I've had for years and with deconstructed necklaces I never wore.
Loving how happy the dogs are to be outside more.
Experimenting with dinner.
Appreciating lovely trash (beet foil).
Learning about nature from beautiful stamps.
Sipping orange carrot ginger juice from a juicer I borrowed from a friend. (Recipe here)

More thoughts to come. 

- Shelley

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