Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Work in Progress

Well, this posting every Thursday is still a work in progress. For a brief update, here are some photos from this past week.

We had snow days Monday and Tuesday, so Rick and I (carefully) went for a walk in the beautiful whiteness. I love how even the sky is white when it snows.

During the snow, I devoured our friend Stephanie's new novel. It's magical, suspenseful, romantic, and addicting (I read it in two days). I highly recommend it!

The snow was pretty quickly melted by rain storms, but I took advantage of a temporary break in cloud cover and treated the girls for a walk. Not more than two minutes after my marvelling at the blue skies, we were caught in a downpour that then turned the streets pink at sunset, which felt very Parisian. (Also, cheers to 5:30pm sunsets!)

Finally, I finished a really fun custom project this weekend and got to "see" some of you via my InstaStories live video, which I so enjoyed! Thanks to all who joined in to watch! More will be coming soon.

This Thursday I'll be back in my weekly rhythm with a post about my needle-felting and shop goals for this year. :)

- shelley

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